Should you be eating more to lose weight?

September 2, 2016

Should you be eating more to lose weight?


If you’ve read any of my previous articles you  will know that the only way in which you can lose weight is to consume less than what you are using ( calorie deficit ) whether it be becoming more active each day or eating less food. So why can eating more help me lose weight….?



Due to our diet culture as a population a huge percentage of people now have been chronically under eating for a long time (think popular shake diets). You first started to lose weight but as time went by and food got less and less you started to plateau. This is because the longer you diet and restrict calories the more your body will adapt and slow its metabolic functions. This is what is popularly called survival mode. When your body goes into this it slows thyroid output, lowers leptin levels and reduces appetite causing your metabolism to slow down to make sure it has enough energy to survive in a life or death situation.


So back to eating more. Providing that you slowly raise your food intake this will in turn up regulate your body’s hormones, ramp up thyroid activity, boosting your metabolism helping your body start burning more fuel. However there are always to sides to a story. After reading this, and seeing the benefits of more food in your diet you cannot use it as an excuse to go out and binge on everything in sight. Your body will not just flick on a switch and burn everything you’ve given it. It has to be a slow process in order for your body to adapt and adjust to its new situation.



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