The don't eat after 6pm myth

Myth busting- you can't eat after 6pm

so scrolling through my Facebook feed the other night and I came across a friends post..."back to not eating after 6pm" I asked why she was doing this and she told me it worked for her last time. This is a common thing with people many and is something that has been touted across the media as something you need to do to lose weight. Well today I'm here to tell you, you don't have to follow this rule

Unless you have some serious hormone problem, simply being in a calorie deficit each day will help you lose weight regardless of when you eat,

The logic behind the statement kind of makes sense.... you are less active during the evening ( well some people are ) so burn less fuel.

Yet look at it this way. Eating 2000kcal over 24hr is eating 2000kcal over 24hrs. Your body will tap into its fuel stores when food is not ready available and then replenish those lost stores when food has been consumed balancing out the amount used. Only by reducing overall calories will you drop weight

Just make sure you are having sufficient protein within a deficit will ensure it is fat and not muscle wastage

Your body does not know what time of day it is and can only react to what you fuel it with- A positive or negative energy balance

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