Accountability for me is one of the biggest things in terms of a fitness or diet goal. It's usually the specific reason you're on that journey and is what keeps you going through the tough times.

Having a goal is great. But what keeps you striving towards it and stops you from messing up or stumbling before you reach it? What keeps you accountable? Have you had a health scare and need to make a change before irreparable damage is done? Are you doing it because you're quite over weight and struggle to get down on the floor to play with your kids? Or have you got a marathon to train for?

What are the repercussions if you do fail?

Here's the things that have kept me accountable

  • Having a coach- someone you are answerable to and who's service you see value in

  • Making your goal public. Telling friends, family and posting on social media. This way others can keep you on track. Let's be honest when a lot of others know what we are doing we are more than likely to pull through to save face

  • For me especially- competing. Nothing keeps me on track knowing that by a specific date I will have complete strangers judging me

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