6 reasons you're not gaining muscle

6 reasons you're not gaining muscle.

1. You're not eating enough - apart from a few exceptions to the rule. In order for you to gain muscle you need to be in a calorie surplus, meaning you're taking in more than you're burning

2. You're not consuming enough protein. Protein are the building blocks of muscle (and just about every function in the body)

3. You train like a fairy - in order to gain muscle you need to put enough stress and stimulus to make a muscle regenerate larger and stronger

4. You don't get enough sleep - you don't grow in the gym! You grow when you rest. The majority of this is at night during your sleep.

5. You're not consistent- you have one good week and instantly check the scales and tape measure. One good week isn't enough. Building muscle takes time and you need to have multiple "good weeks"

6. You're not eating enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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