Weights vs cardio

Weights vs cardio

As some of you embark on your fitness journey you will inevitably take up some form of exercise. Yet what type are you going to undertake? Here I'm going to weigh up the positives in doing resistance training (weights) as apposed to traditional cardio (typical run,cycle)

Before going any further. I want to point out that if you enjoy doing cardio over weights then by all means do it as taking enjoyment out of anything usually results in not doing it at all.

The positives of cardio- first of all you are getting in exercise and this is burning calories and achieving some form of fatloss, assuming diet is in check. Speaking of calories you will more than likely burn more calories during a single bout of cardio than the same period performing a weights session. Your aerobic endurance will also be boosted to higher levels than they would be if training with weights

The negatives- going for long bouts of cardio can prolong increases in cortisol levels. Cortisol is good in small acute amounts however when levels become chronically high can become catabolic and lead to muscle loss thus leading to lower metabolic rate.

Although you will lose weight your body composition will not change. You won't have a tighter firmer bum or thighs with nice shape or firmer arms and pecs you will just become a smaller version of your previous self.

Weight training positives- just like cardio you will be burning calories. However with weights training you will have a big boost in metabolism and what's called epoc ( excess post exercise oxygen consumption) which means you will be burning more calories following you weight session for the rest of the day.

Weight training has a positive effect on hormones. Boosting testosterone levels and growth hormone levels. Ladies this is a good thing for you too! Whilst lowering oestrogen levels. This will have a positive impact on weight management.

Weight training helps add muscle. Which in turn will boost your metabolic rate not just whilst exercising but at rest too. With this extra muscle your body will look more shapely and in some cases giving the illusion of a slimmer body (think wider shoulders making waist smaller)

Weight training improves bone density also making you less likely to suffer from breaks and fractures as you age

Negatives- too many people use the gym to stroke your ego. Yes it is great being big and strong however lifting with poor form can result in injury. This can be anything from small sprains to discs being ruptured. If your not sure about to do in the gym. Hire a personal trainer even for one session to go through lifting techniques.

Hopefully this has given you an idea what to expect from to types of exercise and what I will say is there is positive outcomes to each however if you want to look better and get the best results you should be opting to hit at least 2 resistance training sessions per week

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