Gym mistakes

Gym mistakes Here's a list of mistakes I often see in the gym. Do any of these sound familiar? 1. Not warming up - going straight into working sets with not lighter sets. 2. Your spotter doing most the work - it's all you! Your spotter telling you how well your doing whilst they're working harder than you actually are. Drop the ego and drop the weight. 3. Poor form - like above. Stop lifting with your ego. I see so many trying to lift to much weight whilst their form is terrible just so they can show off to others. Form is so important when it comes to injury prevention and maximising your results 4. Using lifting accessories - there's a time and a place for these. Such as a belt for very heavy squats and deadlifts or wrist wraps for heavy over head pressing. Yet I see so many using belts for lay pulldowns, and wrist wraps for just about every thing going. These things give a false sense of security and actually switch off muscle activation during lifting when it used properly. 5. Walking around with a glowing liquid in your bottle - that creatoamino super duper blast that some geared up instafamous chick or dude says is the best thing for results. I see so many walking round with "the best support" that guarantees results in the drinks bottle. Nothing beats hard work and chances are your nutrition isn't on point to warrant any of these supplements. Majority aren't worth a penny 6. Going in without a plan - plan your workouts!! There's nothing worse going into a gym without a clue what you're going to do. Nothing psyches me up knowing ok about to smash legs. Without a plan most generally just jump from one machine to the next without a thought on why they're using it 

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