A bit of bed time reading for you gents

How to naturally boost your testosterone

1) Train with weights.
Multiple studies have been shown an increase in testosterone levels during resistance training. Especially when using big compound movements such as the squat and dea...

As much as you have eaten or drank 🍻 chances are any extra weight you are carrying is just excess water. So...

1. Double up on your water. Drink a minimum of 4lts a day

2. Hit some full body weight sessions. Full body circuits are great and these are what we are doing i...

Every decade or so we get this new diet trend that people treat is the new unicorn fart, yet the obesity epidemic is still rising. What ever happened to paleo? Or the Adkins diet? At the moment Keto seems to be the new kid on the block. People seem to follow whoever se...

Chances are by now you've already been out on an Xmas party or eaten some chocolate that someone has given you as a little treat for the year.

Do you know what?

Who cares!!!

We spend far to much time beating ourselves up about things like this that it's just stupid. Nex...

Recently I've done a fair view bosystats on my clients and one thing has become hugely apparent with every single one of them. They are all dehydrated

Hydration... why it is important

Our bodies are mostly made up of water

The brain alone is 95% water and even a 2% decr...

10 simple ways to get anyone lean

1. Get a minimum of 10,000 steps In a day.
2. Include veg with every meal
3. Drink a minimum of 3lts of water a day
4. Get a minimum 8hrs sleep per night
5. Keep a food diary and track your calorie intake
6. Eat mainly unpressed food
7. R...

A big thanks to everyone involved. We managed to raise £325 during our charity deadlift which will go toward the Maisie moo foundation 

Gym mistakes

Here's a list of mistakes I often see in the gym. Do any of these sound familiar?

1. Not warming up - going straight into working sets with not lighter sets.

2. Your spotter doing most the work - it's all you! Your spotter telling you how well your doing whi...

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