Many health professionals will not tell you, but I will, because the science will prevail, and it’s better to know it now, and act on it, before your body goes into irreversible decline.

Fat cells can last up to EIGHT YEARS in your body, before they die off and get replaced by new fat cells. In people who are overweight for years (BMI over 27), the older fat cells change their structure. They become completely different from fat cells in lean folk (BMI less than 24) (1).

These long-term fat cells develop thick overcoats that protect them from being used as fuel. The coats are made of a tough protein called PERILIPIN, meaning, “around the fat”. Perilipin is almost impenetrable by normal oxidation of fat during exercise, and during calorie-restricted diets (1,2). The fat cells of lean folk do not develop these overcoats, and their fat is readily available for fuel (3-5).

Fat cells around the midsection and hips of overweight folk, have usually been there longest, and develop the thickest protective coats. Consequently, restrictive diets will take the fat from their fingers and faces, thereby emphasizing facial wrinkles, and creating the small hands characteristic of the overweight who try to lose fat too fast.

Fortunately, you can fix it. Scientists have known for a decade that several flavonoids from oranges, lemons, tangerines, mandarins, and ruby and yellow grapefruit, will gradually “dissolve” these fat overcoats, and allow the old fat to be used. Some of the most popular bodybuilding supplements for fat loss contain extracts of these flavonoids. But they are expensive, and the amounts of bioactive flavonoids in them is very small.

These supplements also have near zero nutritional value. Much cheaper and literally bursting with nutrients are citrus fruits. To get multiple benefits, including loss of old fat cells, ditch milk and all the sodas, including so-called “diet” drinks from your diet. Replace them with pure organic citrus fruits and juices. The juice industry doesn’t seem to have taken advantage of this science yet (1-7). So juices are still inexpensive.

You will get a ton of the effective flavonoids, including naringenin, hesperidin, nobiletin and tangeretin, even though they are not stated on the labels. And they will gradually take off the overcoats from all your old fat cells, and allow you to burn them for fuel.

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Credit dr Michael colgan for the article

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