How to eat out and not blow your diet

It would seem many of us are in a diet at some point or another. Yet we either seem to discard our social lives in order to achieve the end goal (fat loss) or go completely the other way and totally sabotage ourselves. Here's the thing. You don't have to! Here are ways to be able to go out, enjoy some good foods and socialise. 

1. Probably the most important. Know what your daily and therefore weekly calorie intake is. Without this there's no point in reading on. Everyone who diets should know this one way or another. If not make a food log and start to learn about your dietary habits 

2. Try and find out to the best of your ability where you will be eating or drinking. Look at there menus and see what it is you may be eating. The reason for this is a lot of resteraunts will have their meals caloric value on there also. 

3. Time to do some maths. Let's say you are on 2000kcals a day. 7x2000 14,000 a week. Your meal and drinks end up coming to 1800 kcals on that day adding to the 2000 you're already eating. So 3800 kcals that day. What you want to do now is put yourself into a higher deficit throughout your week to keep your weekly intake at 14,000. 

14,000-3800= 10,200 

10,200/6 = 1700kcals for the 6 other days of the week instead of your normal 2000kcals

4. If you are planning on having a few drinks this is where you really do have to be vigilant and put your will power to good use. If you say you're having 4 pints or 4 glasses of wine you really do have to draw a line there! Or if you've not countered in pudding I'm afraid you really need to leave it alone. 

There you have it go out enjoy yourself and keep losing that weight!

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