7 Ways to naturally increase your testosterone

  1. Train with weights. Multiple studies have been shown an increase in testosterone levels during resistance training. Especially when using big compound movements such as the squat and deadlift 

  2. Get more sleep. Your T levels increase during sleep along with many other hormones to help repair your body

  3. Drop some belly fat. By doing this you improve the balance between oestrogen and testosterone levels in favour of testosterone 

  4. Relax! Being highly stressed your body releases cortisol. The body lowers testosterone in reaction to this

  5. Reduce caffeine intake. Caffeine works on the adrenal glands which in turn sends out stress hormones which will result in more release of cortisol 

  6. Reduce your alcohol intake. if you are a regular beer drinker, then remember that the hops in your drink will be converted by your body into oestrogen and thus your over-worked liver will not be able to remove this surplus amount of oestrogen from your body effectively. It also drains your body of vital zinc stores which is vital for testosterone production

  7. Supplement wisely. Use supps such as ashwaganda and rhodiola to help combat stress levels. Zinc as mentioned above is one of the most important minerals in the production of testosterone

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