Why you should be taking a multivitamin

I like to refer to it as mini health insurance in a tablet. The government has a recommended amount of nutrients you should consume per day called the RDA; however with modern living these amounts are grossly under calculated. I'm sure just about everyone reading this will have heard of multivitamins, and here's why you should be taking a quality one daily. 

  • We now live in a world where we don't have much time to ourselves and it's so convenient to just pop a ready meal in the oven or microwave. However these meals are highly processed and lack the natural vitamins and minerals they originally contained. 

  • Due to consistent over farming, which has depleted the soil of its available nutrient content (the soil is where plants obtain their nutrients) and use of pesticides; our food sources are mineral deficient 

  • Excess alcohol consumption is something we are all guilty of from time to time (including me) and smoking and living in polluted environments (cities) put greater demand on our bodies. These all cause oxidative stress and thus creates a higher need for antioxidants. Vitamins and minerals are also antioxidants. 

  • How we cook our foods also influences the nutrient value of our food. The longer you cook something the less nutrient value it will contain. I'm sure you've heard people say it's better to steam veg instead of boiling it. 

  • On top of the above. High intensity exercise also drains our bodies of our mineral stores. 

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