Logging your progress

If you're not assessing you're guessing

Today I wanted to talk about progress and logging

In everyday life we all strive for progress. Especially with our fat loss and performance goals. The problem is when we don't see any, many of us are looking around wandering what the hell has happened and why it's stopped all of a sudden. This is why logging workouts and keeping food logs are vitally important. When we are failing in our endeavours the only way we can truly find out where we have gone been going wrong is by being able to go back through information and seeing what has been happening on a daily basis. Your performance may be lacking due to a lack of food (energy) or sleep (recovery) or you've not lost any weight and only by tracking what you've eaten over the past week that you realise your dietary intake has been more than you actually realised (calorie surplus)

My memory is that bad I'm like an old man! So without a workout log I'd never be able to remember what I did in the same session the week prior to the one I'm about to do, and without this I'd never be able to progress.

There are so many tools out there now that help track and log things these days. Phone apps being the leading source with apps such as my fitness pal and Fitbit.

These are great and some thing I myself utilise with great results.

Here's some of the things I've found very beneficial to log

* food intake

* Sleep

* Energy levels

* Stress levels

* Workout log (weights used, exercise used, how log the session took)

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