Progressive overload

It's something we should all be striving for when we are trying to positively adapt our body composition , but what is it?

The principal of progressive overload is to increase the demand on your muscular skeletal system.

So how do we do this?

In a very simple way, do one thing enough and your body will adapt and get good at it. You now need to increase the difficulty. Once you've done this for a short while your body will adapt again and this will become easy.

There are many ways to increase the difficulty and trigger progressive overload, and here are a few;

1. Increase the load/weight

2. Increase the amount of reps of the same load per set

3. Increase the amount of sets ( or in endurance sports. Distance)

4. Increase the amount of times you train the same muscle groups or same sessions (frequency)

5. Do the same amount of work as your previous session but within a quicker time

Keep working hard and strive for progression folks

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