Weight loss vs fatloss

Weight loss and fat loss, what's the difference Weight loss - the term body weight is everything that makes up your body mass — things like your muscles, body fat, organs, water, bones, etc. Weight loss is easy: deplete your water levels, remove carbs from your diet. However there comes a trade off. Reducing all of these inevitably leads to muscle loss - muscle loss leads to lower metabolic rate, which increases the likelihood of putting all that weight back on and even more so. Fat loss - is simply that losing fat whilst maintaining or even growing new muscle tissue. This is obtainable through incorporating strength training and increasing your protein intake yes you will have to work harder but it will be worth your while. More muscle = higher metabolic rate which means you can now eat more and still maintain weight. Improving body composition will make you look better than before, not just becoming a smaller version of your prior self 

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