My top 5 recommended supplements

My top 5 recommended supplements

1. whey protein- an easy way to fulfill your daily protein requirements. It should never replace real food, however is a great alternative for those who struggle to reach their targets. 40g pwo has been shown to be optimal amount to boost muscle protein synthesis (this is good)

2. Creatine - quite possibly the most researched and proven supplement out there. Creatine consumption as been shown to increase strength

3. Caffeine - we all probably take it in one form or another. Caffeine has a range of benefits from increased focus to endurance boost

4. Beta alanine - one of the newer ones on the block. Beta alanine has been shown to help boost endurance and help squeeze an extra one or two reps in when doing more volume workouts. Without going into the ins and outs of ion buffering which is what it does, beta alanine reduced the burn you feel before you have to stop

5. L-glutamine - I recommend this due to its importance in gut health. When we exercise the intensely. The body will use L-glutamine in the absence of available energy which is usually catabolised from our gut

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