Do genetics make you fat?

Do genetics make you fat? Yeah they kind of do.

The question of how genetics affect bodyweight and bodycomposition is a major one being studied in science right now. I actually did a weekend course on this very subject last year as well as get myself tested

If you want to know what kind of physique you are likely to have as an adult, there is a VERY accurate way to find this out.

What was your parent's health when they conceived you?

See, there is this thing called "epigenetics". It means genetics that are variable and can be changed. Your genetic code is NOT set at all. And how much of it is changeable isn't known. Of the part of the Human Genome that is uniquely human (meaning the DNA that only homo sapiens have and that distinguishes us from apes), its estimated that up to 20% of this may be changeable. That pretty insane, but it makes sense.

Why else would be people that live unhealthy lifestyles die sooner? Or get cancer?

Why do overweight people have overweight children? Why are certain diseases hereditary?

Why are children who have healthy parents more likely to be smarter and more athletic than people who are overweight/obese when they conceive children?

Have you ever heard of your genes load the gun and your lifestyle pulls the trigger?

Well this is absolutely true. Just because you were born with certain genes that put you at a slight disadvantage to others doesn't mean you have to be defined by them!

Within my genetic code I am actually prone to obesity yet if you are one of my friends or no me you would have notice I've never been considered obese or particularly overweight. ( I have put some fat weight on from time to time. Getting tested and Knowing you have these specific genes that put you at a disadvantage means you can now alter your lifestyle to put yourself in a better position.

If DNA testing may be something you're interested in. Get in touch to find out more

Credit alexander cortes for some of the material

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