Measuring progress

Why using multiple methods to measure progress instead of just the scale weight. Scale Weight is Affected by: Level of hydration, Amount and weight of food consumed, Being in a depleted or full state- saturation level of the muscles’ carbohydrate stores. This means a large meal, a lack of fibre.., time of day, pre or post workout, before or after a reefeed day, etc, can ALL affect your weight shown on the scales. Below are some tips to make utilising scale weight more worthwhile: Weigh yourself at the same time of day each time, With the same amount of fluids and food in your system, At the same period of time in relation to your reefeed day(s), With the same set of scales on a flat, hard, level surface Effectively, make it a fair test with the same conditions (independent variables) each time. After, You've done this and got your weight it's now a good time to use a tape measure and measure up specific body parts. Especially those where you most want to lose that excess body weight. Making sure you make a note exactly where you've measured each time and keeping a record of the measurements taken. Once done, it's finally time to take that selfie you've been wanting to take all week. Keep the same angle/angles with each progress pic, using the same mirror each time. (different lights in different mirrors can affect results) By using these methods you will get a better idea of how you've been progressing through your weeks of hard work instead if being fooled by just the scale weight Finally if you do live locally. Why not arrange to have a bodystat test done with myself 

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